DREAMENTIA: (dree-men-shuh): n 1. the development, growth or awakening of creative awareness in the brain caused by the severe impairment or loss of one’s in-the-box thinking and conventional cerebral functions.

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New Media Vault

From left to right: Mike Dotta, J Bisch, Jeff Haas, Jim Olen, Yvette Garcia, Brandi Sweeney ©2009 Bernie Su

Head and shoulders above the crowd, Dreamentia is a fixture at the first New Media Mixer.

LOS ANGELES - What once was a safe haven for money has been transformed into a downtown hangout with a 60’s personality…where people spend their money.

Welcome to the recently re-designed Crocker Club.

A vault in the days of yesteryear, the underground bar of classy proportions re-opened just in time to host the first official New Media Vault event.

The New Media Vault is the East Side’s first New Media Networking Event, which will be held monthly at The Crocker Club in Downtown Los Angeles. The Vault works like a magnet for everyone in the worlds of TV, Film, New Media, Tech, Advertising and VentureFinance, becoming a platform for the mixing, mingling and new acquaintance-making of the industry’s inhabitants. It also provides networking opportunities in a comfortable, low-key and casual environment, and brings new media into the historic core of Downtown Los Angeles.

Not a company to be left behind in the midst of these new media functions, Dreamentia was well-represented both in height and style, averaging over 6-feet in tall-ness and “very stylish” in, well, style. Which really helps when it comes to standing out in the sea of their media-related cohorts.

Of course, these grades are pretty biased and light-hearted. But hey, in this business, you have to believe and enjoy yourself.

And with the picture above as our witness, we can definitely put our money on always having a good time.