DREAMENTIA: (dree-men-shuh): n 1. the development, growth or awakening of creative awareness in the brain caused by the severe impairment or loss of one’s in-the-box thinking and conventional cerebral functions.

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Dormbuys Enrolls at DCL

Fast-growing college-focused webstore enrolls their marketing efforts with Dreamentia.

LOS ANGELES, CA & LOUISVILLE, KY – Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, [“Dreamentia”] headquartered in Los Angeles, California, today announced that it has teamed up with Dormbuys.com [“Dormbuys”], headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Dreamentia will create and oversee Dormbuys’ brand architecture, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

Launched in April of 2006, Dormbuys has become the one-stop shop for college students. From bedding to technology, Dormbuys provides convenient shopping and creative solutions for small living situations. Privately owned, they have over 3,000 products in stock.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Dreamentia,” said Dormbuys co-founder Deryl Sweeney. “In a very short time, they have proven to have the perfect combination of talent, creativity and insanity to help Dormbuys develop our brand.”

Prior to forming their relationship with Dreamentia, Dormbuys had been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America. Dreamentia plans to push them even further.

“One major thing that separates Dormbuys from all of its competition,” Sweeney added, “is that every single product we carry is specifically chosen to meet the needs of college students and people living in small-space living environments. We have the unique ability to develop relationships with major manufacturers and one-product companies, which allows us to feature the most complete product selection available anywhere.”

“In a very short time, [Dreamentia has] proven to have the perfect combination of talent, creativity and insanity to help Dormbuys develop our brand.”

“We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to help Dormbuys grow into a household… err… dormitory-wide name,” said Dreamentia Chief Jim Olen. “We’ve had the privilege of working with other college-minded brands in the past and those experiences, as well as the insights gained along the way, have already sewn some amazing seeds in the new strategies we’ve been developing with Dormbuys.

“But those are brand-focused initiatives.”

Adds Olen, “To get everyone at Dreamentia completely immersed in the Dormbuys culture, we’re considering a few new policies around the office, like sponsoring agency-client beer pong tournaments, initiating “Creative Ways to Serve a Can of Tuna” Fridays, encouraging Art Directors to take well-caffeinated all-nighters, and completely re-furnishing our downtown work space with futons and lava lamps in every office. Not to mention our revised New Employee policy could very likely include hazing.”

There’s a reason Dreamentia is excited about returning to school. Starting in 2004, the team created everything from brand initiatives to inventive menu items for UDOG, a sausage-selling, college-feeding company that originally set up shop near the University of California, Los Angeles [“UCLA”].

With Dormbuys, it’s safe to say Dreamentia is ready for its main course.