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Camp M3 Prime Time

Fitness expert Katina Calvin aims to build Deion Sanders’ brand with Camp M3 Prime Time, a children’s camp designed to help kids focus on “Muscles, Meaning and Motion for Life.”

LOS ANGELES, CA — Throughout the ‘90s, Deion Sanders made his name as a two-sport superstar with dazzling plays on baseball and football fields across America. Then, after the man known as “Prime Time” and “Neon Deion” hung up his cleats, he started giving back to America’s youth through “Deion Sanders’ CB-WR Prime Time Camp,” a camp he created for elite cornerbacks, wide receivers and quarterbacks.

Striving to address the mind, body, and soul of athletes who hope to play in college some day, Deion Sanders’ CD-WR Prime Time Camp annually targets players in the Dallas Metroplex region of Texas, bringing some of the best current and former NFL stars to teach fundamentals and talk to the kids about the experience of playing in the National Football League.

But there are two sides to every story. And on the other side of Sanders’ camp are a group of kids who, for one reason or another, aren’t part of the crop that Sanders has chosen to water.

Enter Katina Calvin.

Calvin, a fitness guru from Los Angeles, California, has long been mystified by the lack of importance parents have placed on physical activities when it comes to their children. Which gave her the idea of starting a camp that would make fitness fun and educational for kids who have yet to take an interest in it, focusing on what she believes are the three most important ingredients to physical and mental fitness: Muscles, Meaning and Motion.

From which Camp M3 Prime Time was born.

Conceptualized in concert with Dreamentia Creative Laboratories, a Los Angeles-based agency that specializes in advertising, branding, and business building, Camp M3 Prime Time is designed specifically to encourage kids, who may or may not be on the path to professional sports, to adopt healthier lifestyles. Named for Sanders himself, who Calvin believes is the perfect person to not only inspire the kids but also to help reach as many as possible, Calvin envisions creating countless opportunities that will change the mindsets of kids and enrich their lives forever. To achieve that, she plans to utilize methods that focus on the meaning of keeping muscles in motion.

“This camp will focus on increasing each camper’s knowledge of health-related habits while helping them grasp proper stretching and strengthening skills,” Calvin explained. “We’ll also work to expand their interest in the human body and help them develop leadership skills through personal character building.”

To aid Calvin in the building and crafting of her vision, Dreamentia dove headfirst into business development mode, conducting extensive market research, building efficient and consistent brand strategies for the Prime Time brand, and developing and creating marketing materials — from program themes to logo marks, positioning lines and a road map for an intuitive and productive online presence.

For Dreamentia, who became interested in the project after learning about Calvin’s dream to help kids become more active and fitness-centric, this project was truly a labor of love.

“Katina came in here and really blew us away with her passion for helping kids,” said Brandi Sweeney, Dreamentia’s Senior Account Executive. “Because we believe in her goals and want to see kids excel ourselves, we felt that we were the perfect group to help her create a strategic marketing plan that could make that goal become a reality.”

Calvin’s program will be a 10-week boot camp for kids of all ages and abilities, focused on improving athletic skills, expanding interest and understanding of the human body, and most importantly, keeping it fun.

“It will be a summer of growth and enrichment that will stay with these kids for the rest of their lives,” she says.

And that’s an idea that’s long been ready for Prime Time.